Pat Travers Uncovers His Jazz Roots

May 25, 2019

Those who ever listened closely to Pat Travers‘ music can’t be hard pressed to acknowledge the Canadian guitarist’s love for jazz. It might not have been so obvious on hard-edged, if radio-friendly, numbers such as “Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)” that the veteran’s associated with, but the genre often reared its head in his solos. Yet “Swing!” will be the ultimate revealing of Travers’ jazz roots, because on this album, scheduled for a July 26th release, Pat covers perennials that aren’t easy to imagine done in his style. One can go for the approximation of Duke Elligton’s “Take The ‘A’ Train” or of “In The Mood” from Glenn Miller’s oeuvre, while Louis Jordan’s “Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby” and Woody Herman’s “Apple Honey” would be difficult to see delivered as rock pieces – although the latter was based on a well-rocked Gershwin’s number. In any case, the record’s worth the wait.

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Interview with Robert Berry

May 19, 2019

Robert BerryRobert Berry has been around for ages, with a solid body of work under his belt, yet the American artist seemed to have entered collective consciousness only in 2018, when "The Rules Have Changed" – an album credited to 3.2, a new version of a band called 3 – saw the light of day. 3, of course, was the group in which the 27-year-old Robert joined forces with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer back in 1988.

Neither that creative union nor the previous attempt to work alongside Steve Howe in GTR turned Berry into a star he could have been if he pursued a solo path; nothing could derail it either. In the following three decades, the veteran has released a string of high-quality records, yet his latest offering somehow eclipsed it all: it was Emerson’s last-ever work, even though Keith’s parts had been withdrawn and Berry played all the instruments on the album, proving once again his versatility and talent.

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Baron Wolman Embraces Instagram In A New Book

May 13, 2019

The word “iconic” has long become a generic term for anything vague familiar to masses, yet when it comes to strictly visual arts images caught in the lenses of Baron Wolman are truly akin to the worship-warranting objects. From Woodstock to Altamont, from psychedelic London to hippie Frisco – the legendary photographer has been everywhere at the right time. And if you try to recall portraits of Janis Joplin or Jimi Hendrix, of Syd Barrett or Jim Morrison, of LED ZEPPELIN or SANTANA, chances that you think of Wolman’s work are high. One would assume master such as Baron and Instagram operate on different levels, yet the veteran embraced this platform in quite an arresting way, the results of it getting issued soon as “My Generation”: a book of classic snapshots of classic rock artists.

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Paul McCartney Goes Deeper Into “Egypt Station”

April 24, 2019

As is customary nowadays, it didn’t take long for Paul McCartney to follow up his last year’s “Egypt Station” with an expanded edition – in addition to the pricey collector’s box set that was out a few months ago. Why buy an initial pressing, then, if there are more goodies always on the way if you wait a little longer? This would get in the way of a record’s char action but… So the “Explorer’s Edition” of the ex-Beatle’s album, out on May 17th, will feature, alongside the already familiar songs, a bunch of extra tracks – some recorded live, some cut in a studio in the same time-frame – on a second disc. A completist’s delight, yet nothing more.

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Robby Krieger Writes Song For A Prince Documentary

April 21, 2019

Macy Gray and Robby KriegerThis year should see the release of “Mr. Nelson: On The North Side” – a documentary dedicated to Prince‘s ’60s and ’70s, the film that will feature a stellar cast of the Purple One’s friends and followers, including Billy Gibbons and Chaka Khan, Orianthi and Randy Bachman. Unexpectedly, among them is Robby Krieger, who wrote a song for the movie. Voiced by the inimitable Macy Gray, it’s titled “Music Speaks Louder Than Words” and was laid down at the former THE DOORS guitarist’s Horse Latitudes studio.

There’s not a lot of additional information available at the moment, but this piece must make a great listen.

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