MEDICINE HEAD Return With A New Album

July 26, 2021

It took John Fiddler an entire decade, a serious health scare and forming of his own label to come up with a new MEDICINE HEAD album. Titled “Warriors Of Love” and following in the wake of “Fiddlersophical” that was released back in 2011, this record may be heavier and meatier than its predecessors such as 1971’s “Heavy On The Drum” and the like, but John, who also used to sing for BRITISH LIONS and BOX OF FROGS isn’t stranger to sounds like these. Neither he’s stranger to the people who helped him lay it down.

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John Ford Looks Back On His Life

July 22, 2021

It might seem to be unfair to, every time John Ford‘s name is evoked, refer to the hits he wrote and performed during his stints with STRAWBS, HUDSON FORD and THE MONKS – respectively, “Part Of The Union,” “Burn Baby Burn” and “Nice Legs Shame About The Face” – but that’s the way it is for this veteran musician. He still has a knack for a memorable melody, whether instrumental or vocal one, as proved by Ford’s latest offerings, 2014’s "No Talkin'" and "A Better Day" from the following year. The last record to bear a John-penned tune was "Settlement" that found him briefly return to his old band’s fold, but August 20th will see the release of the artist’s new solo album.

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Dave Sinclair Raids His Archives

July 20, 2021

It’s almost impossible to imagine what Canterbury scene would look like without the imposing presence of Dave Sinclair whose stints with, above all, CARAVAN for whom the keyboard player co-penned a lot of classics, but also with MATCHING MOLE and CAMEL – where he left an indelible stamp on, respectively, eponymous debut and “Breathless” – and took part in a few more prominent collectives, such as HATFIELD AND THE NORTH. And then there’s a solo career that counts several albums of which later is scheduled to arrive on August 10th. “Hook-Line & Sinclair” comprised a dozen of fresh and previously unissued home and studio recordings, preserved for posterity from 1981 to 2019 and featuring an impressive line-up of old friends and former band members.

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Tony Kaye Debuts As A Solo Artist

July 17, 2021

Most famous for his two stints in YES, Tony Kaye’s oeuvre isn’t limited to the prog giants’ records, the keyboard master’s career including participation in such different ensembles as BADGER and Michael Des Barres‘ DETECTIVE – although, of course, it’s usually old pieces that the veteran plays in concerts. What he’s never had to his name is a solo album, the situation Kaye is planning to remedy on September 10th with the release of “End Of Innocence” – an opus Tony’s worked on for nigh on two decades, since 9/11. Still, this concept work not only comments on the global changes which happened in the aftermath of that tragedy but also charts the development of the musician’s relationship with actress Dani Torchia whom he met around that time and who helped him write and perform new pieces.

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Rory Gallagher’s Debut Gets An Anniversary Treatment

July 15, 2021

Rory Gallagher‘s can’t complain when it comes to the late great Irishman’s legacy. There have been remastered reissues and remixed editions, live box sets and previously unreleased material dusted off and made available over the years, yet now the time has come to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the guitarist’s albums. The first in the forthcoming series will, of course, be his self-titled 1971 debut, scheduled to hit the shelves in digital platforms in various formats on September 3rd. In physical form, the expanded record is to appear as a deluxe box, a 2CD set, a limited edition 3LP bundle and on a neon orange transparent LP – also limited variant of original album.

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